Google launches new Titan Security Key

The TITAN Security Key, a proprietary hardware security key launched by Google, parallels the venerable Yubico Key in functionality. Adhering to the FIDO series standards, it offers an alternative to traditional two-step verification processes.

The primary advantage of using such hardware security keys lies in their robust defense against phishing attacks. Even if a password is inadvertently compromised and discovered by hackers, they cannot log in without the physical engagement of the hardware key by the user.

Internally, Google has mandated the use of these hardware keys among its employees. This practice has significantly enhanced security, drastically reducing incidents of successful phishing attacks.

Google has recently introduced a new version of the TITAN Security Key, priced at $30, which substantially enhances security.

This week, Google unveiled the second generation of the TITAN Security Key, available in both USB-A and USB-C models, both supporting NFC technology for proximity use on mobile devices without the need for insertion.

The TITAN Security Key utilizes Google’s security firmware for verification, supporting a wide range of platforms. Its compatibility with the FIDO standards means it can be used on most renowned websites, thereby elevating security.

In terms of pricing, the USB-A/NFC model is priced at $30, while the USB-C/NFC model retails for $35. Overall, the cost is reasonable, catering to users who prioritize a high-security environment.

Moreover, the first generation of TITAN Security Keys was outsourced to Feitian Technologies North America for manufacturing. It remains unclear whether this latest version continues to be produced under the same arrangement.