Google prohibit the installation of Chrome extensions from third-party websites

For a long time, Google has been trying to improve the extensive installation experience of the Chromium series web browsers. In addition to allowing users to get through the Chrome Web Store, developers who do not want to publish it publicly can also install by third parties. However, things may change in the future. Google announced on Tuesday that the company plans to withdraw the “inline installations” feature of the Chrome browser extension, meaning that users will no longer be able to install them through third-party websites.

The reason for the sudden and unexpected announcement of the option to block third-party websites from installing the Chrome extension was because Google had received many reports of users being deceived.

James Wagner, Extension Platform Product Manager, explained:

Extensions first published on June 12, 2018, or later, that attempt to call the chrome.webstore.install() function will automatically redirect the user to the Chrome Web Store in a new tab to complete the installation.

Later this summer (since September 12, 2018), the existing expanded inline installation options will also be disabled.

you have extensions installed on your Chrome browser from third-party websites, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Chrome Web Store to complete the installation.

Ultimately, Google plans to withdraw the inline installation API in early December of 2018. Chrome 71 will be the first version of the browser to do so, and as for developers who publish extensions through their websites, Google recommends that they redirect the links to the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Softpedia