Hackers attack Belarusian Railway systems

Due to geopolitical issues Ukraine and behind NATO and Russia are currently facing off, and Belarus, sandwiched between Kiev and Moscow, has also become a front line. The Belarusian side is supporting Russia and therefore allows Russia to build troops to the border through the railway system, including joint military exercises with Belarus. This caused dissatisfaction among the Belarusian hacker group.

After the election issue caused distrust between the official and the public, hackers launched an attack on the Belarusian Railway system. The purpose of the attack is to destroy the Belarusian state-run railway system. Although this cannot completely prevent the Russian army from continuing to build up, it can delay its build-up time.

The Belarusian hacker group Cpartisans has used ransomware to infect the Belarusian state railway system, destroying servers, workstations, and databases. After the ransomware has finished infecting and encrypting data, the hacker group also deletes all backup data, which is relatively difficult to restore. Hackers have not disrupted automation and security systems to avoid emergencies, although ticketing and scheduling of passenger and freight trains are currently disabled.
Belarusian Railway

The Belarusian Railways issued an announcement saying that the service of assistance and issuance of travel documents is temporarily unavailable. If passengers need help, please contact the ticket office for processing. The hacker group also released multiple screenshots showing Windows Server servers used by the Belarusian state railway system, which are currently encrypted.