KerberosRun: A little tool to play with Kerberos


KerberosRun is a little tool I use to study Kerberos internals together with my ADCollector. I’ll try to learn and implement stuff from Rubeus, also something not in Rubeus.

KerberosRun uses the Kerberos.NET library built by Steve Syfuhs. It is heavily adapted from Harmj0y‘s Rubeus project (some code was taken directly from this project).

dev2null is the primary author of this project. My colleague Constantin is the collaborator who helped me build up the tool had a lot of discussions with me and gave me ideas.

Thanks, Steve for building up this great library and having discussions with me to solve code problems. Thanks, Harmj0y (and other authors) for the concepts and weaponization in Rubeus. Special thanks to @_dirkjan for helping me out regarding the KRBCRED structure and other questions.



Copyright (c) 2020 dev2null