ligolo-ng v0.4.4 releases: advanced tunneling/pivoting tool

Ligolo-ng : Tunneling like a VPN

An advanced, yet simple, tunneling tool that uses a TUN interface.

Ligolo-ng is a simplelightweight, and fast tool that allows pentesters to establish tunnels from a reverse TCP/TLS connection without the need of SOCKS.


  • Tun interface (No more SOCKS!)
  • Simple UI with agent selection and network information
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Automatic certificate configuration with Let’s Encrypt
  • Performant (Multiplexing)
  • Does not require high privileges
  • Socket listening/binding on the agent
  • Multiple platforms supported for the agent

How is this different from Ligolo/Chisel/Meterpreter…?

Instead of using a SOCKS proxy or TCP/UDP forwarders, Ligolo-ng creates a userland network stack using Gvisor.

When running the relay/proxy server, a tun interface is used, packets sent to this interface are translated and then transmitted to the agent remote network.

As an example, for a TCP connection:

  • SYN is translated to connect() on remote
  • SYN-ACK is sent back if connect() succeed
  • RST is sent if ECONNRESET, ECONNABORTED, or ECONNREFUSED syscall are returned after connect
  • Nothing is sent if a timeout

This allows running tools like nmap without the use of proxychains (simpler and faster).

Changelog v0.4.4

  • 8bfe194 fix CI
  • 0170c2b fix workflow, bump golang/x/net
  • df68495 fix: support for go 1.20
  • ee150f6 Merge pull request #35 from TrixterTheTux/TrixterTheTux-user-panic
  • 5c7ed8e fix(agent): missing current user causing a panic

Install & Use

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