PhoneInfoga v2.10.8 releases: Information gathering & OSINT reconnaissance tool for phone numbers


Information gathering & OSINT reconnaissance tool for phone numbers.

One of the most advanced tools to scan phone numbers using only free resources. The goal is to first gather basic information such as country, area, carrier, and line type on any international phone numbers with very good accuracy. Then try to determine the VoIP provider or search for footprints on search engines to try to identify the owner.


  • Check if phone number exists and is possible
  • Gather standard informations such as country, line type and carrier
  • OSINT footprinting using external APIs, Google Hacking, phone books & search engines
  • Check for reputation reports, social media, disposable numbers and more
  • Scan several numbers at once
  • Use custom formatting for more effective OSINT reconnaissance (v1 only)
  • Use the graphical user interface to run scans from the browser
  • Run your own web instance as a service
  • Programmatic usage with the REST API


  • Does not claim to provide relevant or verified data, it’s just a tool !
  • Does not allow to “track” a phone or its owner in real time
  • Does not allow to get the precise phone location
  • Does not allow to hack a phone


The tool only accepts E164 and International formats as input.

  • E164: +3396360XXXX
  • International: +33 9 63 60 XX XX
  • National: 09 63 60 XX XX
  • RFC3966: tel:+33-9-63-60-XX-XX
  • Out-of-country format from US: 011 33 9 63 60 XX XX

Available scanners

Use any to disable this feature. Default value: all

  • numverify
  • ovh

Changelog v2.10.8

  • Bump Github action dependencies
  • Add GPG signature in releases (#1321)
  • Bump Go version to go1.20
  • Bump Node version to v20
  • Add note about numverify scanner (#1320)


Example (quotes are optional, use it when typing special formats) :

python -n "(+42)837544833"

Check for a number range on OVH :

python -n +42837544833 -s ovh

Check several numbers at once :

python ./ -i numbers.txt -o results.txt

Note: –osint is not compatible with –output option.

Use all scanners and run OSINT reconnaissance :

python -n +42837544833 -s all --osint


E.164 formatting for phone numbers entails the following:

  • A + (plus) sign
  • International Country Calling code
  • Local Area code
  • Local Phone number

For example, here’s a US-based number in standard local formatting: (415) 555-2671

Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting: +14155552671

In the UK, and many other countries internationally, local dialing may require the addition of a ‘0’ in front of the subscriber number. With E.164 formatting, this ‘0’ must usually be removed.

For example, here’s a UK-based number in standard local formatting: 020 7183 8750

Here’s the same phone number in E.164 formatting: +442071838750


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