PurpleOps: open-source self-hosted purple team management web application


PurpleOps is a free, open-source web app to track Purple Team assessments. Create assessments aligned with MITRE ATT&CK, leveraging data from sources like Atomic Red Team and SIGMA. Centralise blue and red team data for evaluation. Iterate and improve organizational cybersecurity capabilities.

track Purple Team assessments

Boasts a permissive license, a lean hackable codebase, and the freedom to import / export data as you, please.

Key Features

  • Template engagements and testcases
  • Framework friendly
  • Role-based Access Control & MFA
  • Inbuilt DOCX reporting + custom template support

How PurpleOps is different:

  • No attribution needed
  • Hackable, no “no-reversing” clauses
  • No complications with Tomcat, redis, manual database transplanting, and an obtuse permission model