Sensu v1.9 releases: open source monitoring framework


A simple, malleable, and scalable framework for composing the monitoring system you need.

It is offered in two flavors:

  • Sensu Core – this open source project
  • Sensu Enterprise – a full-featured commercial implementation, built on Sensu Core

It is an open source monitoring framework. Key Features:

  • Automate your monitoring workflows: Limitless pipelines let you validate and correlate events, mutate data formats, send alerts, manage incidents, collect and store metrics, and more
  • Reduce alert fatigue: gives you full control over your alerts with flexible filters, context-rich notifications, reporting, event handling, and auto-remediation.
  • Integrate anywhere: Sensu’s open architecture makes it easy to integrate monitoring with tools you already use like Nagios plugins, Chef, Graphite, InfluxDB, and PagerDuty.
  • Monitor containers, instances, applications, and on-premises infrastructure
  • designed to monitor everything from the server closet to the cloud. Install the Sensu client on the hosts you want to monitor, integrate with the Sensu API, or take advantage of proxy clients to monitor anything on your network. Sensu clients automatically register and de-register themselves with the Sensu server, so you can monitor ephemeral infrastructure without getting overloaded with alerts.
  • Better incident response with filterable, context-rich alertsGet meaningful alerts when and where you need them. Use event filters to reduce noise and check hooks to add context and speed up incident response. It integrates with the tools and services your organization already uses like PagerDutySlack, and more. Check out the 200+ plugins shared by the Sensu community, or write your own Sensu Plugins in any language.
  • Collect metrics and generate alerts with the same tool

    Know what’s going on everywhere in your system. Use the Sensu client to collect metrics alongside check results, then use the event pipeline to route the data to industry-standard tools like Graphite or InfluxDB.
  • Intuitive API and dashboard interfaces

    integrates automatically with the open source Uchiwa dashboard to provide a unified view of your clients, checks, and events, as well as a user-friendly silencing tool. The Sensu API allows you (and your internal customers) to create checks, register clients, manage configuration, and more.


[1.9.0] – 2019-12-18


  • Fixed check subdue times resolution, now including nanoseconds.
  • API 204 no content responses now return a nil body.
  • Fixed Travis CI testing (RabbitMQ was missing on Xenial).


  • Added support for discarding oversized transport messages to protect Sensu, e.g. {“sensu”:{“server”: {“max_message_size”: 2097152}}}.

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