SOC-Multitool: makes investigations faster and more efficient

SOC Multi-tool

Introducing SOC Multi-tool, a free and open-source browser extension that makes investigations faster and more efficient. Now available on the Chrome Web Store and compatible with all Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Brave, and Opera.

Streamline your investigations

SOC Multi-tool eliminates the need for constant copying and pasting during investigations. Simply highlight the text you want to investigate, right-click, and navigate to the type of data highlighted. The extension will then open new tabs with the results of your investigation.

Modern and feature-rich

The SOC Multi-tool is a modernized multi-tool built from the ground up, with a range of features and capabilities. Some of the key features include:

  • IP Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal & AbuseIPDB
  • IP Info Lookup using Tor relay checker & WHOIS
  • Hash Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal
  • Domain Reputation Lookup using VirusTotal & AbuseIPDB
  • Domain Info Lookup using Alienvault
  • Living off the land binaries Lookup using the LOLBas project
  • Decoding of Base64 & HEX using CyberChef
  • File Extension & Filename Lookup using &
  • MAC Address manufacturer Lookup using
  • Parsing of UserAgent using
  • Microsoft Error code Lookup using Microsoft’s DB
  • Event ID Lookup (Windows, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Exchange, and Sysmon) using