Universal Radio Hacker v2.5.5 releases: investigate wireless protocols like a boss

The Universal Radio Hacker (URH) is a tool for analyzing unknown wireless protocols. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) such protocols often appear in the wild. Many IoT devices operate on frequencies like 433.92 MHz or 868.3 MHz and use proprietary protocols for communication. Reverse-engineering such protocols can be fascinating (»What does my fridge talks about?«) and reveal serious security leaks e.g. when bypassing smart alarm systems and door locks.

The Universal Radio Hacker is a software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. Features include

  • hardware interfaces for common Software Defined Radios
  • easy demodulation of signals
  • assigning participants to keep an overview of your data
  • customizable decodings to crack even sophisticated encodings like CC1101 data whitening
  • assign labels to reveal the logic of the protocol
  • fuzzing component to find security leaks
  • modulation support to inject the data back into the system

Supported devices




  • 182c6be refactor name filters
  • 357f48b Add .cu8 .cs8 format alias (#612)
  • 6831028 remove MAX_MESSAGE_SAMPLES threshold in auto interpretation
  • 64fcd4e add user feedback if auto detection fails
  • d44e92f fix #609
  • c9e6404 improve max memory allocation on 32 bit (#605)
  • 92831f4 Make auto interpretation work in live mode during simulation (#583)




Universal Radio Hacker Copyright (C) 2017 Johannes Pohl and Andreas Noack

Source: https://github.com/jopohl/urh