Vital Firmware Update Alert for Netgear RAX30 WiFi Router Owners

Netgear, a leading global name in the realm of network hardware, has recently addressed a high-severity vulnerability that had been lurking in its RAX30 WiFi router model, urging users to immediately update their devices to the latest firmware.

The detected security flaw, characterized as a pre-authentication command injection vulnerability, could potentially leave devices exposed to malicious cyberattacks. In the interest of customer safety and digital integrity, Netgear has remained tight-lipped about the specific component targeted by this bug, as well as its impact.

Image: Netgear

Nevertheless, to allay user concerns and fortify network security, the company published a security advisory on Tuesday. The advisory vehemently advocates for an immediate firmware update, stating, “Netgear strongly recommends that you download the latest firmware as soon as possible.

To ensure the utmost security of user data, Netgear has made firmware fixes readily accessible for all affected products. The issue affecting the RAX30 model has been addressed in firmware version

A series of steps to guide you through the download and installation of the latest firmware for your Netgear product is outlined below:

1. Initiate your journey to enhanced security by visiting Netgear Support.
2. As you begin typing your model number into the search box, a drop-down menu with your model should appear. Select it.
3. If the drop-down menu does not surface, recheck the accuracy of the model number you have entered or opt to browse through a product category for your model.
4. Once on the product page, navigate to the ‘Downloads‘ section.
5. Under ‘Current Versions,’ the first download beginning with ‘Firmware Version’ is your target. Select it.
6. Click on ‘Release Notes‘ to gain insights into the specifics of the update.
7. Follow the instructions outlined in the firmware release notes to complete the download and installation of your new firmware.