zkar: Java serialization protocol analysis tool


ZKar is a Java serialization protocol analysis tool implemented in Go. This tool is still a work in progress, so no complete API document and contribution guide.

ZKar provides:

  • A Java serialization payloads parser and viewer in pure Go, no CGO or JDK is required
  • From the Java serialization protocol to a Go struct
  • A Go library that can manipulate the Java serialization data
  • WIP: ysoserial implement in Go
  • WIP: Java class bytecodes parser, viewer, and manipulation
  • WIP: An implementation of RMI/LDAP in Go


ZKar is a well-tested tool that passed all ysoserial generated gadgets parsing and rebuilding tests. It means that gadget generating by ysoserial can be parsed by ZKar, and parsed struts can be converted back into bytes string which is equal to the original one.

Gadget Package Parse Rebuild Parse Time
AspectJWeaver ysoserial 80.334µs
BeanShell1 ysoserial 782.613µs
C3P0 ysoserial 98.321µs
Click1 ysoserial 573.298µs
Clojure ysoserial 72.415µs
CommonsBeanutils1 ysoserial 461.15µs
CommonsCollections1 ysoserial 64.484µs
CommonsCollections2 ysoserial 508.918µs
CommonsCollections3 ysoserial 564.071µs
CommonsCollections4 ysoserial 535.449µs
CommonsCollections5 ysoserial 137.609µs
CommonsCollections6 ysoserial 68.753µs
CommonsCollections7 ysoserial 178.549µs
FileUpload1 ysoserial 35.39µs
Groovy1 ysoserial 150.991µs
Hibernate1 ysoserial 789.674µs
Hibernate2 ysoserial 168.624µs
JBossInterceptors1 ysoserial 632.581µs
JRMPClient ysoserial 32.967µs
JRMPListener ysoserial 38.263µs
JSON1 ysoserial 2.157225ms
JavassistWeld1 ysoserial 468.596µs
Jdk7u21 ysoserial 355.01µs
Jython1 ysoserial 216.862µs
MozillaRhino1 ysoserial 1.775193ms
MozillaRhino2 ysoserial 409.124µs
Myfaces1 ysoserial 22.997µs
Myfaces2 ysoserial 38.131µs
ROME ysoserial 485.804µs
Spring1 ysoserial 797.469µs
Spring2 ysoserial 358.041µs
URLDNS ysoserial 21.502µs
Vaadin1 ysoserial 438.729µs
Wicket1 ysoserial 23.509µs
Jdk8u20 pwntester 312.882µs

Install & Use

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