CarHackingTools: Install and Configure Common Car Hacking Tools


CarHacking.Tools is a scripts collection of scripts to help jump-start car research (and hacking?). All the scripts are designed to run on Ubuntu 18.04.


Included Tools

The following tools are installed and configured automatically:

Tool Name Link Notes
Can-Utils Basic CAN tool.
Canbus-Utils Basic CAN tool.
Cantact-App Built to work with the Cantact Hardware. I have not got it to work yet.
GNUradio If you want to look at door locks and TPM modules.
ICSim Basic simulator for testing without a car.
KatyOBD A really neat project that provides a GUI. I want to fork this and make it better.
OBD-Monitor A rally neat project that provides a GUI. Needs some documentation work.
PyOBD Super old tool, still works, kinda.
Python-OBD Use over PIP install.
SavvyCAN Basic CAN tool.
Scantool Super old tool but still works.
Socketcand Basic CAN tool.
UDSim Basic simulator for testing without a car.
Wireshark Great for capturing OBDII data just like you would ethernet data.

Stuff To Read

The following sites have been useful to me:

Link Notes Car Hacking Handbook Open Garages I user this when I forget how to enable can0


I likely don’t know what I am doing and this could be done faster, better and simpler some other way. These scripts could also break your car (seriously) and make you cry.


Copyright (c) 2018 Jerry Gamblin