Category: Web Exploitation


bodhi: Client-Side Vulnerability Playground

Bodhi – Client-Side Vulnerability Playground Bodhi is a playground focused on learning the exploitation of client-side web vulnerabilities. The playground has a vulnerable application & a bot program which simulates the real-world victim. An...


AutoSQLi: automatic SQL Injection tool

AutoSQLi An automatic SQL Injection tool which takes advantage of ~DorkNet~ Googler, Ddgr, WhatWaf and sqlmap. Features Save System – there is a complete save system, which can resume even when your pc crashed....

PenTesters Framework

PenTesters Framework(PTF) v2.1.3 released

As a penetration tester, I know that you usually choose to use Kali Linux like penetration testing distribution. Kali Linux is a powerful distribution. It includes many, many pentesting tools. If you are Ubuntu/...