Invoke-Apex v1.0.3 releases: PowerShell-based toolkit for use in red team, post-exploitation


Invoke-Apex is a PowerShell-based toolkit consisting of a collection of techniques and tradecraft for use in red team, post-exploitation, adversary simulation, or other offensive security tasks.  It can also be useful in identifying lapses in “malicious” activity detection processes for defenders as well.

I wrote this toolkit with the intention of obtaining a deeper understanding of the techniques in use by real-world adversaries (APTs) while applying similar techniques in my work (Pentesting).  I also wanted to create a tool that could act a starting “point” (hence “Apex”) with regard to post-exploitation of a target system.  I’m sure there are some bugs, and some of the code could probably (very likely) be more efficient (I’m not a “developer” by any stretch of the imagination) … but hey, it appears to serve its purpose for the time being. 😉

Any techniques, where applicable, are credited within the source code of the included .ps1 scripts, so thanks to everyone who contributes to offensive/defensive security research!  If I forgot to mention or credit a technique to a particular researcher, don’t hesitate to ping me and I’ll add it to the source.  For the most part, many of the techniques were derived from Mitre ATT&CK and the LOLBAS projects.

The Mitre ATT&CK Reference component

Each technique or method in the toolkit is mapped back to a Mitre ATT&CK Technique ID where applicable, and the techniques and modules which they can be found in can be viewed with the Invoke-MitreReference -Help command.

PS> Invoke-MitreReference -Help

PS> Invoke-MitreReference -Help

 |           ### MITRE ATT&CK TECHNIQUE REFERENCE ###               |


   Module: Invoke-Creds
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1056 (Input Capture)
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1081 (Credentials in Files)
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1003 (Credential Dumping)
   Module: Invoke-DefenderTools
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1211 (Exploitation for Defense Evasion)  
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1089 (Disabling Security Tools)  
   Module: Invoke-Download
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1105 (Remote File Copy)   
   Module: Invoke-Execute
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1086 (PowerShell)                            
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1085 (Rundll32)                              
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1047 (Windows Management Instrumentation)    
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1220 (XSL Script Processing)                 
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1028 (Windows Remote Management)             
   Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1218 (Signed Binary Proxy Execution)  





You can also lookup which Mitre ATT&CK techniques are in use, and in which modules with the -Tid parameter and specifying a Mitre ATT&CK Technique ID as a value:

PS> Invoke-MitreReference -Tid 1352

   Modules using Mitre ATT&CK Ref: T1352 (C2 Protocol Development):

   [+] Module: Invoke-Connect




Listing all available functions

PS> Invoke-Apex

                                8888888b.         Y88b   d88P
                                888   Y88b         Y88b d88P
                                888    888          Y88o88P
                        8888b.  888   d88P .d88b.    Y888P
                           "88b 8888888P" d8P  Y8b   d888b
                       .d888888 888       88888888  d88888b
                       888  888 888       Y8b.     d88P Y88b
                       "Y888888 888        "Y8888 d88P   Y88b
                          Post-Exploitation Toolkit        Y88b
                          By: Fabrizio Siciliano (@0rbz_)   V1.0

 [*] Usage: [Function-Name] -Help (Shows Help for each command within a function)
 [*] Usage: [Function-Name] -List (Summary list of available commands within a function)

 [*] Example: Invoke-DefenderTools -Help
 [*] Example: Invoke-DefenderTools -List

CommandType     Name                                               Version    Source
-----------     ----                                               -------    ------
Function        Invoke-Apex                                        1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Connect                                     1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Creds                                       1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-DefenderTools                               1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Download                                    1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Execute                                     1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Exfil                                       1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-GlasswireExceptions                         1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-MitreReference                              1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Persistence                                 1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Privesc                                     1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-Sysinfo                                     1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-TCPScan                                     1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-TimeStomp                                   1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        Invoke-XuLiE                                       1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        New-Lnk                                            1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        New-PsDat                                          1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        New-PsTask                                         1.0        Invoke-Apex
Function        New-Reverse                                        1.0        Invoke-Apex




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