IOC matching for incident responders, threat hunters, detection engineers, and security engineers

Indicator-of-Compromise (IOC) Matching

IOC matching for incident responders, threat hunters, detection engineers, and security engineers.

Use Cases

  • Schema-agnostic IOC matching scan: During an incident response (IR) engagement, an analyst or incident responder might want to perform an ad hoc scan of all the data (logs, telemetry, etc.) in a security lakehouse for a given list of atomic Indicators-of-Compromise (IOCs) without the need to have a deep understanding of the table schemas. The 02_ioc_matching notebook addresses this use case.
  • Continuous IOC matching: The approach in the 02_ioc_matching notebook can be easily adapted to perform incremental or continuous IOC matching using Delta Live Tables (DLT). An example is given in the 03_dlt_ioc_matching notebook.
  • Ad hoc historical IOC search: Historical IOC search at interactive speeds can be done using summary tables constructed using DLT. An example is given in the 04_dlt_summary_table notebook. The 06_verify_dlt notebook provides a series of steps to verify the DLT capabilities.
  • Multi-cloud/region federated query: Log ingestion and IOC matching can happen in each cloud or region without incurring egress costs. Hunting and triaging of IOC hits can use federated queries from a single workspace to get results back from the workspaces in each cloud or region. The 07_multicloud notebook demonstrates the use of multi-cloud and multi-region federated queries.
  • Fully-automated continuous IOC matching with continuous IOC updates: The streaming IOC matching approach in the 03_dlt_ioc_matching notebook and the summary table approach in the 04_dlt_summary_table notebook can be combined and extended to fully automate the IOC matching process even when the curated set of IOCs are constantly updated. In particular, when a new IOC is added, not only should newly ingested log data be matched against the new IOC, but the historical data needs to be matched against the new IOC. The 08_handling_ioc_updates notebook demonstrates these concepts.

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