Making “TP Link TL-WN722N monitor mode” work in Kali Linux

Wireless N USB Adapter TL-WN722N allows you to connect a desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network and access high-speed Internet connection. Complies with IEEE 802.11n, they provide wireless speed up to 150Mbps, which is beneficial for the online gaming or even video streaming. Also, wireless security encryption could be established simply at a push of QSS (Quick Setup Security) button, preventing the network from outside threats.

Making “TP Link TL-WN722N monitor mode” work in Kali Linux

Tested on kali rolling 4.13

  1. Download kernel
    git clone

  2. Go to /kernel/drivers/TL-WN722N_v2.0-Ralink/ directory
  3. Unpack the archive rtl8188eu.tar.gz and install it.
    tar -xvzf archive.tar.gz
    cd lwfinger-rtl8188eu-00b5f0d
    make all
    make install

    Make sure that the driver is installed in /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/
    make install

  4. Install the dependent modules

    modprobe lib80211
    modprobe cfg80211

  5. Adding a module to the kernel

    insmod 8188eu.ko

  6. Restart Kali Linux
  7. Check the result
    ifconfig [interface] down
    iwconfig [interface] mode monitor
    ifconfig [interface] up