msf-autoshell: Give it a .nessus file and it’ll get you Metasploit shells


Give it a .nessus file and it’ll get you Metasploit shells. I’ve included the early and incomplete programs to make it easier for people who want to learn how to use the python-libnessus and msfrpc libraries.

  • was the first step; a simple boilerplate program with some boring stuff filled out.
  • was the next step and all it does is parse the .nessus file and grab some info off the parsed objects.
  • shows how to connect to the Metasploit RPC server and some examples of interacting with it.
  • Finally, is the final script with all the Metasploit logic code for running modules in it.



This install is only tested on Kali.

git clone
cd msf-autoshell
pipenv install --three
pipenv shell

In a new terminal: 
> msfconsole
msf > load msgrpc Pass=123


python -n /path/to/nessus/file.nessus

Copyright (C) 2018 Dan McInerney