Install Penetration Testing Toolkit on any Android devices


Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically – additional packages are available using the APT package manager. Termux is an open source and does not require root, run on the Android terminal is extremely powerful Linux simulator, support apt management software package, the perfect support python, ruby, go, nodejs. This article uses termux to build Nmap, Sqlmap, etc. to achieve support for port scanning, injection detection, and a variety of features Android phone penetration artefact.

Installation & Usage

Termux is an Android terminal app and Linux environment. You can access Termux open source project to get more info.


  1. Install Termux from Google Play.
  2. Install Termux from F-Droids


You should read the Official document here.

  • Termux interface Press and hold the screen to display the menu items (including return, copy, paste, more), then the screen appears selectable copy cursor.
  • The Termux interface swings from left to right, showing a hidden navigation bar, you can create, switch, rename session sessions and call pop-up

Commonly used shortcut keys volume – key simulation (Ctrl) key

Volume - key (Ctrl) + L Clear the screen contents
Volume - key (Ctrl) + C Terminates the current operation
Volume - key (Ctrl) D exits the current session session
Volume + key + D Tab key (auto-complete command or file name)
Volume + key + W direction key (can display the previous command)
Volume + key + S direction key (can display the next command)
Volume + key + A direction key left (left cursor)
Volume + key + D direction key right (right move cursor)
Volume + key + Q display or close the extended key (ESC, insert the link CTR, ALT, TAB, -, /, | and the left slide expansion key to switch to the full function support phone input method input box)


More shortcut keys refer to the official website, a Bluetooth keyboard reader can refer to the hardware shortcut keys to use

Commonly used commands

apt update update source
apt search <query> full text search installable package
apt install <package> install the package
apt upgrade upgrade package
apt show <package> Displays information about the package
apt list [--installed] Lists all (or installed) package information
apt remove <package> Remove the package
chmod modify file permissions
chown Modify the file attribution


Install Penetration Testing Toolkit on Android

  • Install the basic git, wget, vim, nano, tar, zip, less, etc package
    apt install git
    apt install wget
    apt install vim 
    apt install nano
    apt install tar
    apt install less
  • Install Nmap
    apt install nmap

  • Install python2 and sqlmap
    apt install python2
    git clone


  • Install whatportis
    pip2 install whatportis

  • And more…