phpMussel v1.8.0 releases: PHP-based anti-virus anti-trojan anti-malware solution

What is phpMussel?

An ideal solution for shared hosting environments, where it’s often not possible to utilize or install conventional anti-virus protection solutions, phpMussel is a PHP script designed to detect trojans, viruses, malware and other threats within files uploaded to your system wherever the script is hooked, based on the signatures of ClamAV and others. For information regarding HOW TO INSTALL {2A+2B} and HOW TO USE {3A+3B} phpMussel, please refer either to the Wiki or to the documentation included within the “_docs” directory of this repository.



  • Licensed as GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).
  • Easy to install, easy to customize, easy to use.
  • Works for any system with PHP+PCRE installed, regardless of OS (PHP+PCRE required).
  • Fully configurable based on your needs.
  • Ideal solution for shared hosting services.
  • Ideal solution for forum systems in need of file upload protection.
  • Does NOT require shell access.
  • Does NOT require administrative privileges.
  • CLI mode available (for now, just under Windows, very soon with other OS).
  • Good, strong, stable support base.

Changelog v1.8.0

  • [2018.10.22; Maikuolan]: Slightly refactored and a new safety check added.
  • [2018.11.04; Documentation; Maikuolan]: Added some missing information to the Composer installation instructions.
  • [2018.11.15; Sub-minor code change; Maikuolan]: Slightly improved quine detection.
  • [2018.12.12; Maikuolan]: Added Crx (Chrome Extension Package) support and slightly refactored again.
  • [2018.12.19; Sub-minor code change; Maikuolan]: Split apart the YAML handler a little more (doesn’t change anything functionally, but should help to slightly reduce complaints sometimes made by certain code quality checkers and such). It’s also less messy now to use an integer value of zero as a key.
  • [2019.01.05; Sub-minor code change; Maikuolan]: Changed the default value of “pseudonymise_ip_addresses” from “false” to “true” in order to strengthen GDPR compliance.
  • [2019.01.07; Sub-minor code change; Maikuolan]: Improved the front-end file manager, making items in the components list clickable, to display further relevant information.
  • [2019.01.19; Sub-minor code change; Maikuolan]: Refactored logging to provide slightly better L10N, plus various other minor refactoring done elsewhere. Updated the minimum safe PHP version fallback information.
  • [2019.01.25; Maikuolan]: The YAML handler has been migrated away from the main functions file and into its own, dedicated class file (this class file will also be released as part of a separate package in the near future). Improved the UI for the front-end updates page verification feature.
  • [2019.01.29; Bug-fix; Maikuolan]: For some configuration directives where predefined multiple choices are available, the front-end configuration page was ignoring custom defined values; Fixed.

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