reconftw v2.7.1 releases: automated recon on a target domain


ReconFTW automates the entire process of reconnaisance for you. It outperforms the work of subdomain enumeration along with various vulnerability checks and obtaining maximum information about your target.

ReconFTW uses a lot of techniques (passive, bruteforce, permutations, certificate transparency, source code scraping, analytics, DNS records…) for subdomain enumeration which helps you get the maximum and the most interesting subdomains so that you be ahead of the competition.

It also performs various vulnerability checks like XSS, Open Redirects, SSRF, CRLF, LFI, SQLi, SSL tests, SSTI, DNS zone transfers, and much more. Along with these, it performs OSINT techniques, directory fuzzing, dorking, ports scanning, screenshots, nuclei scan on your target.

Features 🔥






  • Multithread (Interlace)
  • Custom resolvers generated list (dnsvalidator)
  • Docker container included and DockerHub integration
  • Allows IP/CIDR as target
  • Resume the scan from last performed step
  • Custom output folder option
  • All in one installer/updater script compatible with most distros
  • Diff support for continuous running (cron mode)
  • Support for targets with multiple domains
  • Raspberry Pi/ARM support
  • 6 modes (recon, passive, subdomains, web, osint and all)
  • Out of Scope Support
  • Notification system with Slack, Discord and Telegram (notify) and sending zipped results support


Changelog v2.7.1


  • Security controls for tampered CSP/domains entries
  • Removed subgpt as it no longer works
  • Print nuclei results with axiom
  • Added postleaksNG
  • Option to update tools before running the tool
  • Added custom nuclei templates path option
  • Installer improvements

What’s Changed

Install & Use

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