SQLMAP-Web-GUI | GUI for sqlmap

To interesting resources was presented sqlmap-the Web-the GUI . This is a GUI for the program sqlmap (designed to analyze web applications on the SQL-inject).

Installing SQLMAP-Web-GUI on Kali Linux


  • Linux, Apache, PHP (check your favorite distro’s wiki or forum pages, or use google)
    • PHP 5.3+ is suggested, older versions not tests so mileage may vary
  • Python and any SQLMAP dependencies (refer to their wiki for any help there)
  • apt-get install php-services-json
git clone https://github.com/Hood3dRob1n/SQLMAP-Web-GUI.git

Edit the sqlmap/inc/config.php file so the paths all point to the right locations on your system
Copy the entire sqlmap/ directory and contents to your web root directory (cd SQLMAP-Web-GUI && cp -R sqlmap/ /var/www/)
When you want to use, simply fire up the sqlmap API server (python /home/user/tools/sqlmap/sqlmapapi.py -s)
Then you can navigate to the Web GUI address in your Browser to begin (firefox