SysAnalyzer: Automated malcode analysis system

SysAnalyzer is an application that was designed to give malcode analysts an automated tool to quickly collect, compare, and report on the actions a binary took while running on the system.


The main components of SysAnalyzer work off of comparing snapshots of the system over a user-specified time interval. The reason a snapshot mechanism was used compared to a live logging implementation is to reduce the amount of data that analysts must wade through when conducting their analysis. By using a snapshot system, we can effectively present viewers with only the persistent changes found on the system since the application was first to run.

While this mechanism does help to eliminate a lot of the possible noise caused by other applications, or inconsequential runtime nuances, it also opens up the possibility for missing key data. Because of this SysAnalyzer also gives the analyst the option to include several forms of live logging
into the analysis procedure.

Note: SysAnalyzer is not a sandboxing utility. Target executables are run in a fully live test on the system. If you are testing malicious code, you must realize you will be infecting your test system.

SysAnalyzer’s is designed to take snapshots of the following system attributes:

* Running processes
* Open ports and associated process
* DLLs loaded into explorer.exe and Internet Explorer
* System Drivers loaded into the kernel
* Snapshots of certain registry keys

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Author: David Zimmer