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mobile banking trojan

The Escalating Threat of Mobile Banking Trojan Campaigns in India

Microsoft’s recent observations highlight an ongoing surge in mobile banking trojan campaigns in India. Cybercriminals are exploiting social media platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, sending crafty messages that entice users to install malicious applications....

CanesSpy Espionage

Kaspersky Uncovers CanesSpy Espionage in WhatsApp Mods

Kaspersky Lab specialists have uncovered a Trojan module within modifications of the popular messenger WhatsApp, widely disseminated via Telegram channels. This espionage software, dubbed CanesSpy, masquerades as a regular messenger, yet the infected Android...

Whatsapp TCP Tunneling

wa-tunnel: TCP Tunneling through Whatsapp

wa-tunnel – TCP Tunneling through Whatsapp This is a Baileys based piece of code that lets you tunnel TCP data through two Whatsapp accounts. This can be usable in different situations, for example, network carriers that...