Webinar: Pen Testing Your Active Directory

Think like a Hacker to Secure the Organization like a Fortress

The reality of external attacks today is simple: Attackers have made it their business to know more about the networking environment you work in every day than you do – and they’ll use that knowledge to systematically gain entrance, and laterally move within your network. At the core of their attacks is Active Directory – the ultimate repository of credentials that, if compromised, gives them the keys to the kingdom.

So how can you leverage the same detail hackers exploit to “pen test” your AD?

View this webinar to learn:

  • How and why AD is a primary focus for attacks
  • Detailed ways attackers seek access to AD
  • What parts of your Windows and AD environment need regular pen testing to ensure you’re secure
  • The threat model analysis of AD based on STRIDE
  • Security characteristics of the SkySecure appliance that defeat pen testing

Offered Free by: Skyport Systems