ExtAnalysis v1.0.5 releases: Browser Extension Analysis Framework


Browser Extension Analysis Framework
Browser Extension Analysis Framework

With ExtAnalysis you can :

  • Download & Analyze Extensions From:
  • Analyze Installed Extensions of:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera Browser (Coming Soon)
  • Upload and Scan Extensions. Supported formats:
    • .crx
    • .xpi
    • .zip

Features of ExtAnalysis :

  • View Basic Informations:
    • Name, Author, Description and Version
  • Manifest Viewer
  • In depth permission information
  • Extract Intels from files which include:
    • URLs and domains
    • IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
    • Bitcoin addresses
    • Email addresses
    • File comments
    • Base64 encoded strings
  • View and Edit files. Supported file types:
    • html
    • json
    • JavaScript
    • css
  • VirusTotal Scans For:
    • URLs
    • Domains
    • Files
  • RetireJS Vulnerability scan for JavaScript files
  • Network graph of all files and URLs
  • Reconnaissance tools for extracted URLs:
    • Whois Scan
    • HTTP headers viewer
    • URL Source viewer
    • GEO-IP location
  • Some Fun Stuffs that include:
    • Dark Mode
    • Inbuilt chiptune player (Jam on to some classic chiptune while ExtAnalysis does the work)

Changelog v1.0.5

  • Fixed Chrome Webstore downloader (issue #13)
  • Added support for local google chrome extensions for Mac Os
  • Added support for Vivaldi Browser (issue #20)
  • Minor bug fixes


$ git clone https://github.com/Tuhinshubhra/ExtAnalysis
$ cd ExtAnalysis
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

For proper analysis don’t forget to add your virustotal api.


Once the installation is done you can jump straight ahead and run ExtAnalysis by running the command: $ python3 extanalysis.py It should automatically launch ExtAnalysis in a new browser window.

For other options check out the help menu $ python3 extanalysis.py –help

usage: extanalysis.py [-h HOST] [-p PORT] [-v] [-u] [-q] [–help]

optional arguments:
-h HOST, –host HOST Host to run ExtAnalysis on. Default host is
-p PORT, –port PORT Port to run ExtAnalysis on. Default port is 13337
-v, –version Shows version and quits
-u, –update Checks for update
-q, –quiet Quiet mode shows only errors on cli!
–help Shows this help menu and exits

Copyright (c) 2019 Tuhinshubhra

Source: https://github.com/Tuhinshubhra/