Category: Password Attacks

Office 365 password spraying

Spray365 v0.2 beta releases: password spraying tool

What is Spray365? Spray365 is a password spraying tool that identifies valid credentials for Microsoft accounts (Office 365 / Azure AD). How is Spray365 different from the many other password spraying tools that are...


Go365 v2.0 releases: Office365 User Attack Tool

Go365 Go365 is a tool designed to perform user enumeration* and password guessing attacks on organizations that use Office365 (now/soon Microsoft365). Go365 uses a unique SOAP API endpoint on that most other tools...

dictionary generator

Narthex v1.2 releases: Modular personalized dictionary generator

Narthex Narthex (Greek: Νάρθηξ, νάρθηκας) is a modular & minimal dictionary generator for Unix and Unix-like operating system written in C and Shell. It contains autonomous Unix-style programs for the creation of personalised dictionaries...