Category: Password Attacks


PassphraseGen: generating custom passphrase lists

PassphraseGen PassphraseGen is a script for generating custom passphrase lists to be used for password cracking with hashcat rules like the ones found here: Included in this repo are a few wordlists located in...

thc-hydra windows

THC-HYDRA-windows: The THC-HYDRA tool compiled for Windows

THC-Hydra is a very fast (multi-threaded) network logon cracker which supports many different services: AFP, Cisco, cisco-enable, CVS, Firebird, ftp, http-get, http-head, http-proxy, https-get, https-head, https-form-get, https-form-post, ICQ, IMAP, IMAP-NTLM, ldap2, ldap3, MySQL, mysql,...