Category: Web Information Gathering

Subdomain takeover

subzy: Subdomain takeover checker

Subzy Subdomain takeover tool which works based on matching response fingerprints from can-i-take-over-xyz Installation git clone Use An only required flag is either –target or –targets –target (string) – Set single or multiple (comma separated) target subdomain/s...

nmap parse output

nmap-parse-output v1.5.1 releases: Converts/manipulates/extracts data from a nmap scan output

nmap-parse-output Converts/manipulates/extracts data from a nmap scan output. Changelog v1.5.1 More reliable SSL/TLS detection More reliable HTTP(s) port detection Added group-by-service command Added group-by-product command Added http-info command Added http-server-header to port-info command Added...

passive subdomain finder

pdlist: passive subdomain finder

pdlist pdlist is a passive subdomain finder written in python. This tool can be used effectively to collect information about a domain without ever sending a single packet to any of its hosts. Given...