Category: Web Information Gathering

footprinting tool for robots

aztarna: a footprinting tool for robots

aztarna Alias Robotics supports original robot manufacturers assessing their security and improving their quality of software. By no means, we encourage or promote unauthorized tampering with running robotic systems. This can cause serious human...

IP lookup

fav-up: IP lookup from favicon using Shodan

Fav-up IP lookup from favicon using Shodan Lookups for real IP starting from the favicon icon and using Shodan. Install git clone cd fav-up pip3 install -r requirements.txt Use First thing first, create...

Gather Open-Source Intelligence

pOSINT: Gather Open-Source Intelligence using PowerShell

pOSINT Gather Open-Source Intelligence using PowerShell. Install git clone Save the parent project directory, pOSINT, to C:\Users\$env:username\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\. Use List available modules: Get-Module –ListAvailable Import the module: Import-Module pOSINT Or, just import the manifest...