Escape Computer Games for Cybersecurity Professionals

You do not necessarily have to be a cybersecurity specialist to enjoy a good escape game. With escape rooms gaining notoriety all over the world, it feels like classic quests are coming back in action – get your brain ready for some serious twists. All in all, here are some of the best escape computer games for cybersecurity professionals and not only.


This game is slightly different from what you might expect from an escape computer game. You do not end up in a random room with lots of stuff around. Instead, you are thrown on an island. You end up on a lost piece of land in the middle of nowhere – plenty of lands, but nothing around. What do you do then?

The general idea is to start with food. Figure out a few ways to eat. Then, collect some stuff, get a treasure, explore the surroundings and grab all the clues. There are numerous tasks out there and each of them is interesting enough to hook you in.

Escape City

Getting retro games has never been easier – a new trend these days. Escape City is still around for a quick grab and can give you the experience of a lifetime. You are placed in a city that has been taken over by a gang of criminals – something similar to the USA style from the 1940s.

There are lots of mysteries to solve, plenty of evidence to gather around. The overall idea is to ensure criminals get jailed. While the general idea is to escape these criminals, the game is also a top notch quest that requires your sharp instincts to get the criminals.

Doomsday Escape

Doomsday Escape is a classic. The action takes place somewhere in the future, far from the last apocalypse. Everything is different. There are not too many people around, but you are lucky to be among them. You will need to survive – find shelter, food, and other people to start a new civilization.

This puzzle escape game will challenge you to get out of this virtual nightmare, but also take some people with you. It is a thrilling adventure you will get yourself immersed in from the first minutes in the game.

Amazing Breakout Game

There are plenty of escape games out there, but some of them simply stand out in the crowd. Amazing Breakout Game is one of them. Why? Simple – the action takes place in an actual museum. You visit a museum and you spend the whole evening in there. It is a huge building and you visit it by yourself. However, as the museum closes down, the guard fails to realize that someone is left in there.

This is when the action begins. Not only are you trying to escape the museum, but you are also finding some dark secrets regarding humanity. You will go from one room to another trying to break codes and solve puzzles.

Hidden Objects: Time Crimes

Your role is to chase a criminal. The dangerous has managed to change the past. You accidentally run into an old-fashioned time machine and you expose the plot. One thing leads to another and as the history unfolds in front of your eyes, you end up analyzing the exact same crime scene a few centuries apart.

There are plenty of clues and pretty much every object out there hides something. The point is to trap the criminal – are you up for the challenge?

In the end, these are some of the most exciting and sophisticated escape computer games for cybersecurity specialists – you do not necessarily have to be a security expert to enjoy them though, as you can always challenge your intuition and brain a little.