Linux 4.18 official version will be postponed

The first two days of Linux 4.18 RC 7 release, Linus Torvalds said that if nothing else, RC 7 will be the last RC version of 4.18, and the official version of 4.18 will be released next week. Recently, an email from Linus showed that a small accident appeared, and the official version of Linux 4.18 will be postponed.

“> If I just revert bfd40eaff5ab (“mm: fix vma_is_anonymous() false-positives”)
> then ia64 boots again.

Ok, so it’s not just the ashmem thing.

I think I’ll do an rc8 with the revert, just so that we’ll have some
time to figure this out. It’s only Tuesday, but I already have 90
commits since rc7, so this isn’t the only issue we’re having.

I _prefer_ just the regular cadence of releases, but when I have a
reason to delay, I’ll delay.


Linus said in the email that, since RC 7, 90 commits had been received. For this reason, he will release an RC 8 version and postpone the 4.18 official version to get enough time to deal with it.