Adobe Flash Player has been released

Adobe has just released the official version of the latest Flash Player 29, with a detailed version number The official update log has not yet been released. However, on the second Tuesday of each month, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle are focused on distributing security patches and fixing security vulnerabilities. Flash Player is certainly no exception.

Adobe Flash Player

In particular, Adobe has announced in the middle of last year that it will completely abandon Flash at the end of 2020. Until then, it will only provide security updates and will no longer have major functional changes.

Flash was once the cornerstone of the Internet and made indelible contributions to the development of the Internet. However, with the development of the era, Flash technology has gradually fallen behind, and security holes have emerged in an endless stream. As a rising star, HTML5 has completely surpassed it, withdrawing from the historical stage. In reasonable terms.

At present, all major browsers are gradually giving up support for Flash, which is no longer enabled by default. The next two years will gradually be completely separated from it.