Android 9.0 codenamed will be “Pistachio Ice Cream” ?

According to Bloomberg, the initial code for the next version of Android (9.0?) has been identified as “Pistachio Ice Cream” and will bring great functional changes. Of course, according to Google’s convention, such a long three word code, usually only used in the early development of new versions of Android, the latter will be replaced by simpler single or double word code, but in any case, the next version of Android The code will be a dessert that starts with a P letter.

Image: Google

One of the core changes for Android P 9.0 is that it supports the bang-bang design like iPhone, which optimizes the layout of the screen better, making the system and applications take full advantage of the entire screen, especially around the bangs.


Other new features in Android P 9.0 will come with the improved Google Assistant integrated into the app to optimize battery life, support for multi-screen and collapsible screens, and more.