Android Malware Surge: Adware Trojans, Spyware Trojans, and Banking Malware on the Rise

According to the latest report from Dr.Web, a company specializing in cybersecurity, October 2023 witnessed a significant surge in the activity of malicious software targeting Android-based mobile devices.

There was a 46% increase in attacks by advertising trojans of the Android.HiddenAds family, which bombard users with intrusive advertisements. These trojans often disguise themselves as harmless applications and conceal their presence within the system.

Furthermore, experts recorded an escalation in the number of attacks by spyware and banking trojans, increasing by 18% and 11% respectively. Such trojans collect and transmit confidential user data, including financial information, to malefactors.

Particularly perilous are the malicious programs distributed directly through the Google Play Store. According to Dr.Web analysts, dozens of hazardous applications were detected there.

Specifically, several trojans from the Android.Proxy.4gproxy family were identified, transforming infected devices into proxy servers and using them to transmit third-party traffic unbeknownst to the owners. These trojans camouflaged themselves as various useful applications, including games and utilities.

New modifications of the well-known trojan Android.FakeApp were also found on Google Play. Disguised as financial applications, they downloaded phishing sites onto devices, luring users to invest in fraudulent financial schemes.

Other variations of this trojan masqueraded as games, but upon launch, they redirected to online casino and betting sites.

Additionally, new trojan programs were discovered, falsely claiming to assist Android device owners in finding employment. In reality, they displayed fake job vacancies, and when users attempted to respond, they were asked to contact the “employer” via messenger, where they might also be coerced into installing additional malicious software or revealing more confidential data about themselves.

To protect against these and other threats, experts recommend users install reliable antivirus solutions and exercise heightened vigilance, even when installing applications from official stores.