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wifi-hacker: Shell Script For Attacking Wireless Connections

wifi-hacker Shell Script For Attacking Wireless Connections Using Built-In Kali Tools. Supports All Securities (WEP, WPS, WPA, WPA2) Download git clone Use Copyright (C) 2016 esc0rtd3w Source:

configure Freeradius

How to install & configure Freeradius

You need to make Wi-Fi authorization not with a single key, but with separate keys for each user. This required the deployment of a RADIUS server. The FreeRADIUS Server Project is a high performance...


pinecone v0.2 releases: A WLAN red team framework

Pinecone is a WLAN network auditing tool, suitable for red team usage. It is extensible via modules, and it is designed to be run in Debian-based operating systems. Pinecone is specially oriented to be...

karma attack

SKA: implement a very simple and fast karma attack

SKA allows you to implement a very simple and fast karma attack. In information security, KARMA is an attack that exploits a behaviour of some Wi-Fi devices, combined with the lack of access point authentication in...

802.1x Bypass

dolos_cloak: Automated 802.1x Bypass

Dolos Cloak Dolos Cloak is a python script designed to help network penetration testers and red teamers bypass 802.1x solutions by using an advanced man-in-the-middle attack. The tool is able to piggyback on the...


airpydump: Analyze Wireless Packets on the fly

airpydump airpydump is a wireless packet analyzer, providing the interface most likely that of airodump-ng from aircrack suite. It currently provides three working modes which are Reader, Stealth, and Live. Reader Mode is used...


airgeddon v11.21 releases: All-in-one Wireless Toolkit

airgeddon This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. Features Interface mode switcher (Monitor-Managed) keeping selection even on interface name changing DoS over wireless networks using different methods Assisted...