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Linux malware analysis

LiSa: Sandbox for automated Linux malware analysis

LiSa Project providing automated Linux malware analysis on various CPU architectures. Features QEMU emulation. Currently supporting x86_64, i386, arm, mips, aarch64. Small images built w/ buildroot. Radare2 based static analysis. Dynamic (behavioral) analysis using SystemTap...

Gather Open-Source Intelligence

pOSINT v2.1.4 releases: Gather Open-Source Intelligence using PowerShell

pOSINT Gather Open-Source Intelligence using PowerShell. Install git clone Save the parent project directory, pOSINT, to C:\Users\$env:username\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\. Changelog v2.1.4 Require API key and update the help page. Use List available modules: Get-Module –ListAvailable...


stegify v1.1 releases: hiding any file within an image

stegify stegify is a simple command-line tool capable of fully transparent hiding any file within an image. This technique is known as LSB (Least Significant Bit) steganography. Changelog v1.1 BREAKING CHANGE: Operation is now...