Anonymous hacks the Russian Defense Ministry

The international hacker organization Anonymous announced a cyberwar against Russia after Russia attacked Ukraine. At present, Anonymous has hacked several Russian government websites. Most of these attacks just make these websites inaccessible, but there are also serious consequences, such as the theft of some Russian government websites and bank data.

On February 26, 2022, local time, some Russian netizens posted a video on Twitter, showing that all channels of Russian state television broadcast anti-war content at the same time. The content of the broadcast included bombed residential buildings in Ukraine, armored vehicles, and Ukrainian national music. At that time, some netizens suspected that this was an attack launched by Anonymous. Subsequently, two unauthenticated accounts named Anonymous claimed responsibility for the incident, and Anonymous claimed to be targeting more media and radio stations in Russia.

In the cyberattack activities launched by Anonymous, many Russian banks were attacked, and the more common way is to paralyze their servers through DDoS attacks. In subsequent attacks, Anonymous claimed to have hacked into the Russian Ministry of Defense and stole massive amounts of data, even successfully intercepting Russian military communications in some way.

What caused serious harm was that Anonymous invaded a Russian Linux terminal and gas control system in Nogir, North Ossetia, and by modifying the system date, the pneumatic control air pressure was too high and it was about to explode. “We changed the dates and almost make its gas pressure become so high to turn into fireworks! Luckily we didn’t because of a fast-acting human controller,” the post said, adding screenshots of the breach.

By the time Anonymous announced this morning that more than 300 Russian government websites, state media, and banking websites had been shut down in the past 48 hours, some were slowly recovering.