Category: Defense


AirIAM v0.1.82 releases: Least privilege AWS IAM Terraformer

AirIAM AirIAM is an AWS IAM to least privilege the Terraform execution framework. It compiles AWS IAM usage and leverages that data to create a least-privilege IAM Terraform that replaces the exiting IAM management...

Snort 3

Snort v3.1.32 releases: Intrusion Prevention System

Snort++ The Snort++ (Snort 3) project has been hard at work for a while now and we have released the fourth alpha of the next generation Snort IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). This file will...


hardentools v2.2 releases: disables a number of risky Windows features

Hardentools is a collection of simple utilities designed to disable a number of “features” exposed by operating systems (Microsoft Windows, for now), and primary consumer applications. These features, commonly thought for Enterprise customers, are...