Nintendo asks GitHub to remove the Game Boy Emulator

Recently, Nintendo is stepping up its legal actions against infringement of intellectual property rights and suing Mathias Designs, which operates two websites “” and “”, which are “illegal” to provide Nintendo’s old console and game ROM for profit. The site, TorrentFreak reports that Nintendo issued a DMCA removal notice to GitHub, which is open source for the hosted browser version of the GBA simulator.

The managed warehouse is a GBA simulator source code based on webpage JS scripts, allowing users to run classic GBA game ROMs such as Advance Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Super Mario Advance, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and Legend of Zelda. Among the letters requested to be deleted, Nintendo stated that “We are considering action regarding those matters but are not including them in this notice.” GitHub met the removal request, although the warehouse owner filed a notice of opposition. Nintendo claims to consider continuing to take targeted action on such violations.