Android P beta 4 is available

In the early hours of this morning, Google officially launched the fifth developer preview version (DP5) of Android P, which indicates that Android P is finally ready to face the majority of Android users in the third quarter of 2018. According to the Android P version roadmap, DP5 is the last test version before the official release of Android P. Compared with the previous DP versions with relatively large changes, DP5 has less new content, and the changes mainly focused on system stability.

Android P Beta 3

At present, Google has released the Pixel series of brush packages, OTA update has not yet arrived, but by convention, OTA update time will not be too far apart.

If the reader wants to try Pixel, it is recommended to double-clear and brush in, because DP1 has had some problems with DP2 before, but in general, because DP5 is the most stable test version at present, it should be no problem.