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Acra v0.84.0 releases: database protection suite

What is Acra Acra helps you easily secure your databases in distributed, microservice-rich environments. It allows you to selectively encrypt sensitive records with strong multi-layer cryptography, detect potential intrusions and SQL injections and cryptographically compartmentalize...


ciphr: CLI crypto swiss-army knife

Ciphr Ciphr is a CLI tool for performing and composing encoding, decoding, encryption, decryption, hashing, and other various operations on streams of data. It takes provided data, file data, or data from stdin, and...

Side-Channel Attack Lab

scale: Side-Channel Attack Lab

SCALE: Side-Channel Attack Lab. Exercises Alongside the implementation of cryptography in hardware and software, attacks on those implementations (plus associated countermeasures) form a central challenge in cryptographic engineering. This topic is sometimes termed physical security, but, either...