Category: Crypto


BLAKE3 v1.3.2 releases: The BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function

BLAKE3 is a cryptographic hash function that is: Much faster than MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, and BLAKE2. Secure, unlike MD5 and SHA-1. And secure against length extension, unlike SHA-2. Highly parallelizable across any number of threads...


Acra v0.94 releases: database protection suite

What is Acra Acra helps you easily secure your databases in distributed, microservice-rich environments. It allows you to selectively encrypt sensitive records with strong multi-layer cryptography, detect potential intrusions and SQL injections and cryptographically compartmentalize...


openstego v0.8.5 releases: a steganography application

OpenStego OpenStego is a steganography application that provides two functionalities: Data Hiding: It can hide any data within a cover file (e.g. images). Watermarking: Watermarking files (e.g. images) with an invisible signature. It can...