Category: Crypto


padding-oracle-attacker: execute padding oracle attacks easily

padding-oracle-attacker CLI tool and library to execute padding oracle attacks easily, with support for concurrent network requests and an elegant UI. Install Make sure Node.js is installed, then run $ npm install –global padding-oracle-attacker or $ yarn global...


stegify v1.2 releases: hiding any file within an image

stegify stegify is a simple command-line tool capable of fully transparent hiding any file within an image. This technique is known as LSB (Least Significant Bit) steganography. Changelog v1.2 Encoding/Decoding data file in/from multiple...

PAdding oracle eXploiter

pax: CLI tool for PKCS7 padding oracle attacks

pax Exploit padding oracles for fun and profit! Pax (PAdding oracle eXploiter) is a tool for exploiting padding oracles in order to: Obtain plaintext for a given piece of CBC encrypted data. Obtain encrypted...