Category: Web Vulnerability Analysis


electronegativity v1.8.1 releases: identify misconfigurations and security anti-patterns in Electron applications

Electronegativity It is a tool to identify misconfigurations and security anti-patterns in Electron-based applications. It leverages AST and DOM parsing to look for security-relevant configurations, as described in the “Electron Security Checklist – A Guide for Developers...


dependency-track v4.1 releases: intelligent Software Composition Analysis platform

Dependency-Track Modern applications leverage the availability of existing components for use as building blocks in application development. By using existing components, organizations can dramatically decrease time-to-market. Reusing existing components, however, comes at a cost....


odat v5.0 releases: Oracle Database Attacking Tool

ODAT ODAT (Oracle Database Attacking Tool) is an open source penetration testing tool that tests the security of Oracle Databases remotely. Usage examples of ODAT: You have an Oracle database listening remotely and want to find valid SIDs and credentials in order...