Pentest Mapper: Burp Suite Extension for Application Penetration Testing

Pentest Mapper

Pentest Mapper is a Burp Suite extension that integrates the Burp Suite request logging with a custom application testing checklist. The extension provides a straightforward flow for application penetration testing. The extension includes functionalities to allow users to map the flow of the application for pentesting to better analyse the application and its vulnerabilities. The API calls from each flow can be connected with the function or flow name. The extension allows users to map or connect each flow or API to vulnerability with the custom checklist.


1. Checklist

The checklist allows users to create or upload the custom checklist to map each API call to the vulnerability from the custom uploaded checklist.

2. API Mapper

The API Mapper tab allows logging the HTTP request from the poxy or repeater tab and mapping the request with the flow and sorting the request based on the flow. Also, the tab allows users to write the comment or test cases for each API call logged into the extension. The tab allows mapping each API with the vulnerability from the checklist.

3. Vulnerabilities

The tab stores the URL and parameters and allows users to map the selected API to the vulnerabilities.

4. Config

The config tab allows you to set a time for auto-save after a specific time period and select the output location. You can also set the autoload the checklist file and Import and export data with one click. You can also turn on/off the Auto Save and Auto Logging requests from the proxy for the scope domain

Sending Request

Install & Use

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