Google data shows that Android 8.x is on 12.1% of devices

Under normal circumstances, Google will release the share of each version of Android every month, but the unexpected situation is that Google did not release statistics last month.

Now the statistics of Android system have been released this month. From the statistics, the market share of Android Oreo has begun to increase substantially.

The launch of the Android Oreo version will be full of the next birthday until next month, and the growth of the Riorio version in the past two months is also the biggest winner.

But even so, Android Oreo’s overall market share is only about 12%, which is low from 23.5% or even 30% of Marshmallow and Nougat.

For Google, the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem has always been a headache. If there are no surprises, Android 9 will be released next month.

So are your friends using the latest version of Android now? It is estimated that the manufacturer has abandoned most of the devices and there is no opportunity to upgrade the newest version.

The following statistics do not include devices without the Google App Store:

Image: Android