Huawei Poland customer service accidentally reveal Android P codename: Pistachio

Android P has advanced to the DP4 phase (Beta 3), which is to release a test candidate, which is scheduled to turn positive in the third quarter. On the version number, Google uses Android 9 instead of 9.0. Of course, this meaning is not very big. From the perspective of smooth understanding and writing, the final use of 9.0 may still be very high.

For Android fans, it is also a topic that is concerned with a codename. We know that Google is pushing the big version of Android in 26-letter order, but each generation will also use a complete word to assign, such as Android 7.0 (Nougat, Nougat), Android 8.0 (Oreo).

In the previous foreign media vote, the new version of the highest voice is “Peppermint”.

Android P Pistachio 

However, the Polish media tabletowo reported that a reader exposed the news, he contacted Huawei customer service to ask if his P9 Lite mini phone can update Android 8.0, the other party accidentally revealed the code of Android P, which is actually Pistachio.

This name matches the style of the Android code, which favours desserts and nuts.

In addition, it is mutually credible that the authoritative media Bloomberg had revealed the state of Android Pistachio Ice Cream in an earlier report.