British police trial new mobile fingerprint device: identify criminals within 1 minute

According to the DailyMail reported that recently, the West Yorkshire Police trial new mobile fingerprint sensor can identify the identity of the fingerprint owner within one minute. The new mobile fingerprint sensor looks like a small mobile radio receiver that connects front-line police officers’ smartphones and then uses the New Biometrics service to search for personal information in police and immigration databases.

FBI fingerprint analysis

West Yorkshire Police is currently working with the British Interior Ministry to test the device and will release 250 devices to police officers in the coming weeks. The Interior Ministry said it expects 20 departments to use it before the end of 2018.

Ian Williams, Chief Inspector of Police, said:

“For the first time, e can now identify somebody on the street through their fingerprints, through those databases.

“We can get photographs back of the individual, we can get a full PNC (Police National Computer) record of the individual as well which gives us a really thorough identification.

“From the moment we take the fingerprint we’re getting results right through to the PNC check and the photograph in less than a minute.”

At times, the police can handle the incident direction in the street without having to go back to the police station and greatly increase work efficiency. In addition, the device just as a channel to search the database, the device does not store anything, less than £300.

Source: dailymail