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SideStep 0

SideStep: AV evasion tool

SideStep is yet another tool to bypass anti-virus software. The tool generates Metasploit payloads encrypted using the CryptoPP library (license included) and uses several other techniques to evade AV. Additional information can be found...


zirikatu: Fully Undetectable payload generator

zirikatu – Fud Payload generator script Download git clone https://github.com/pasahitz/zirikatu.git Usage Run zirikatu chmod +x zirikatu.sh ./zirikatu.sh Generate FUD payload. Choose a payload Change icon, if you want Start msf listener Get meterpreter session Demo

avoidz 0

Avoidz: bypass most A.V softwares

Avoidz v1.3 tools to bypass most Anti Virus software   This tool Generate encoded powershell with Metasploit payloads, convert C, C#, py, go Templates to EXE’s Author: Mascerano Bachir [ dev-labs ] Anti-Virus manufacturers...