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avet v2.4.1 releases: AntiVirus Evasion Tool

AVET AVET is an AntiVirus Evasion Tool, which was developed for making life easier for pentesters and for experimenting with antivirus evasion techniques. What & Why: when running an exe file made with msfpayload...


SideStep: AV evasion tool

SideStep is yet another tool to bypass anti-virus software. The tool generates Metasploit payloads encrypted using the CryptoPP library (license included) and uses several other techniques to evade AV. Additional information can be found...

bypassing AV solutions

PEzor: powerful tool for bypassing AV solutions

PEzor an Open-Source PE Packer The phases of the development that will be described in detail are: set up the development environment with Mingw-w64 and LLVM shellcode injection with syscall inlining via NTDLL in-memory scraping (x86-64 only)...


CoffeeShot: Avoid Detection with Memory Injection

CoffeeShot: Avoid Detection with Memory Injection CoffeeShot is an evasion framework that injects payload from Java-based programs into designated processes on Microsoft Windows. It assists blue team members in assessing the effectiveness of their...


SpookFlare v2.0 released: Meterpreter loader generator with multiple features for bypassing client-side & network-side countermeasures

SpookFlare has a different perspective to bypass security measures and it gives you the opportunity to bypass the endpoint countermeasures at the client-side detection and network-side detection. SpookFlare is a loader generator for Meterpreter...

zirikatu: Fully Undetectable payload generator

zirikatu – Fud Payload generator script Download git clone https://github.com/pasahitz/zirikatu.git Usage Run zirikatu chmod +x zirikatu.sh ./zirikatu.sh Generate FUD payload. Choose a payload Change icon, if you want Start msf listener Get meterpreter session Demo


Avoidz: bypass most A.V softwares

Avoidz v1.3 tools to bypass most Anti Virus software   This tool Generate encoded powershell with Metasploit payloads, convert C, C#, py, go Templates to EXE’s Author: Mascerano Bachir [ dev-labs ] Anti-Virus manufacturers...