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Brave VPN

Brave’s Hidden Extra: Users Unwittingly Get a VPN

Brave browser users operating on the Windows platform encountered an unforeseen issue, as reported by journalists from GHacks. They discerned that, since 2022, the installation of Brave on Windows devices would automatically bundle the...

Default Passwords

Outpost24 Exposes IT Admins Using Default Passwords

Researchers from Outpost24 have identified a concerning trend: thousands of IT administrators are employing predictable and weak passwords to safeguard their companies’ internal networks, jeopardizing confidential data and management systems. Utilizing specialized software, analysts...

Ubuntu 23.10 Translation

Ubuntu 23.10 Pulls Images Amid Offensive Translation Scandal

Canonical retracted the Ubuntu 23.10 images merely hours after their release due to user translations for the Ubuntu installer containing hate-inciting speech. These translations, executed through a third-party tool, were inadvertently integrated into the...