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Top 9 Best Tool for Penetration Tester

We have filled the world of hackers with infinite fantasy and fear, but with the rise of technology and security in the field of progress, hacking technology has become increasingly common. In fact, network...


Advance-Nmap-Scan: armitage script

Advance-Nmap-Scan-with-Msf-Scan-Fixed Author : Nilotpal Biswas Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nilotpal.biswas.73 Twitter : https://twitter.com/nilotpalhacker Download git clone https://github.com/nilotpalbiswas/Advance-Nmap-Scan-with-Msf-Scan-Fixed.git Advance nmap scan types:- auth,broadcast,brute,default,dos,exploit,external,fuzzer,intrusive,malware,safe,version,vuln. Msf Scan Fixed. Source: https://github.com/nilotpalbiswas/

Penetration Testing in the Real World

A penetration test (pentest for short) is a method of attacking a computer’s systems in the hope of finding weaknesses in its security. If the pentest successfully gains access, it shows that computer functionality...