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Advance-Nmap-Scan: armitage script

Advance-Nmap-Scan-with-Msf-Scan-Fixed Author : Nilotpal Biswas Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nilotpal.biswas.73 Twitter : https://twitter.com/nilotpalhacker Download git clone https://github.com/nilotpalbiswas/Advance-Nmap-Scan-with-Msf-Scan-Fixed.git Advance nmap scan types:- auth,broadcast,brute,default,dos,exploit,external,fuzzer,intrusive,malware,safe,version,vuln. Msf Scan Fixed. Source: https://github.com/nilotpalbiswas/

Penetration Testing in the Real World

A penetration test (pentest for short) is a method of attacking a computer’s systems in the hope of finding weaknesses in its security. If the pentest successfully gains access, it shows that computer functionality...