Cloudflare to push the new public DNS service,

Cloudflare, which provides content delivery networks and blocks attack protection services, is preparing to launch a public DNS (domain name resolution service) with an IP address of with the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). Although the online service is only a flash in the pan, the related screens have been archived by the Internet Archive.

The full name of the DNS is the domain name system, which converts the domain name to an IP address. It is like a network directory and helps users find the corresponding address through the domain name.

Cloudflare stated on the website that DNS is usually very slow and lacks security, and some DNS vendors even sell user web browsing data to send targeted ads. will be based on the user’s privacy. It will neither record the user’s IP address nor sell user data or use this information to send advertisements.

In addition, Cloudflare also expects to become the world’s fastest DNS directory. Based on DNSPerf’s DNS monitoring data, resolves domain names faster than the second-named DigitalOcean by 53%.

Cloudflare pointed out that everything on the network is almost always a DNS request, so choosing one of the fastest DNS directories will basically speed users up on any network. This IP address is owned by APNIC and can be easily remembered to the extent of Google’s or IBM’s In addition, the emphasis on privacy protection and speed has made the service highly anticipated. At present, has not yet re-emerged, and Cloudflare and APNIC have not yet officially released, and have not responded positively to this issue.